Our Enzyme Drink “Bio Jolly” has been sold for over 40 years. Quality of enzyme drinks will be different with the ingredients and making methods. And we produce a healthy enzyme drink for everyone, from kids to the elderly, and is tasty to drink everyday.  Koso Stand recommeneds you to maintain your well being with this tasty drink. Let’s get healthy and beautiful  from your inner self.

● 70 types of Life elements

● Easy to drink and tasty

● Easily Mix with seasonal fruits

● Convenient for Enzyme fasting

● Easily mix with water, hot water or soda

● Even for cooking

The way of recovering eating after fasting is important.

Your body will experience high absorbption after fasting, so please eat light meal like pourage or soup or you will stress your body too much. Each body will response differently, and many people feel better bowel movements, even during fasting. Please aviod taking medicine or supplements during fasting. Please consult your doctor if you are taking medicine regularly. You can exercise lightly but please examine your body carefully. Please stop fasting if you are experience any prolonging problems.